Elements Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based vulnerability scanner that covers your network, assets, the deep web and compliance. And it automatically reports activities like brand violations, third-party scams and phishing sites.

Elements Vulnerability Management identifies your organization’s assets, pinpoints exactly where they are vulnerable, and determines where the most critical loopholes are.

  • Know what you are protecting – Good security requires you to know what exactly it is you are securing.
  • Continuous visibility – Effective security mapping through precise discovery and mapping of all assets, systems, and applications on the network and beyond.
  • Find loopholes – Minimize your attack surface by fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  • Predict Risk – Know where your high-risk assets are and prioritize them.

Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

No one is immune to cyber threats, and there’s no such thing as perfect prevention.

WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Responses arms you against advanced and targeted cyber-attacks with industry leading detection capabilities. Stay resilient and take back control swiftly with actionable insights and straightforward guidance.

With WithSecure Elements EDR you:

  • Gain real-time visibility into what is happening on your endpoints.
  • React to threats in real time using automated response actions.
  • Contain attacks with confidence and the option to escalate challenging cases to the WithSecure elite threat hunters at anytime.